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Thread: Matthews: Hoping the Buffalo Bills don't take a QB No. 34

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    Buffalo Bills

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    Mathews is wrong on two points.

    If defense is #3, offense is #34. Our offense and defense are both too bad to ignore one or the other in the first 2 rounds.

    QB at #34 makes sense when there are 8 reasonable QB prospects in this draft, and only 2-5 of them will go in first round.

    2nd round QBs fail no less than second round DEs or OLs, so it's not like Mathews compared the success rates of other positions to QB.

    Most hall of famers are selected in the first round, does that mean we should never use our 2nd-7th round picks at all? Less likely to get a hall of famer, might as well skip the pick entirely?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTarmy View Post
    He played during the preseason in 2010 and was terrible.

    Billicheck brought in Locker for a workout.

    You are arguing with me as if I'm sayin this will happen....I'm saying that it could and the signs are there.

    1) Brady/Manning are getting older

    2) Both teams brought in QBs who are slotted to go late 1st to early 2nd round.

    3) The success GB had preparing Rodgers over 4 years to take over for Farve.

    Why would the Colts/Pats bring in these guys if they were atleast considering it???
    First off...I'm not arguing with you.

    Secondly, you're the one who as taken this far away from your original comment. You started off by saying there will be a run of QB in the 20's...and the Bills may not have a chance to get one at 34. I just pointed out the fact that only one team, Seattle, needs a QB. I see these bottom teams, doing what most good teams do in that position, fill a need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anmbourcier View Post
    Yea I saw that earlier. I like Mallett or Ponder in second if available
    I like Mallett as well, but Ponder is a possible injury problem and may never be 100% again. Kaepernick is alot better then Ponder since he doesn't have a bum shoulder like Ponder and Kaepernick has a rocket arm with WR speed.

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