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Thread: Gaughn: Williams Contract Details...

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    Cut Kelsay and Edwards.... That's an extra 6-8 mil off the books right there, and they are both completely useless now

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlutieShakes View Post
    Again. Kudos to Overdorf
    This is history folks. Someone actually appreciating Overdorf on the BBMB lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoRo1183 View Post
    would it be possible for someone to explain to me what the differnce is? and yes i did google it and i couldnt find a worthy answer. keep it simple its friday and im tired.
    Cash-to-the-cap accounting - imagine you decide on an arbitrary limit of $100 a month for beer and then track your spending to make sure you don't spend more than $100.

    Salary cap accounting - very complex set of rules to ensure teams are in compliance with CBA (complicated primer here).
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