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Thread: Blackmon & Weeden package deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savior77 View Post
    I don't understand the point of a package deal here. It's not like we're getting one FA to entice another.
    well, they were obviously a very productive college tandem, and considering their individual draft stocks, it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility that they could end up on the same team

    the pro team would not have to worry about chemistry seeing as how theyve played together for years

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    I really hope both Blackmon and Floyd are gone so we can actually focus on protecting the QB we already have in place for now and for the future QB who eventually replaces him.
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    I'd rather Blackmon & Osweiler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavington View Post
    Maybe a fifth rounder at the max. The age factor is not a good thing. He is going to be twenty nine as a rookie. Two years to learn to play and he is 31. While young he probably would only have two or three years max left. That isn't good at all. We need a franchise qb who can be a qb for over a decade not one that could be around for three or four years.
    He is going to be 29 as a rookie but please remember that Brady is 35 and Manning 36, there still have at least 2/3 years to play. Most QB's are playing until their late 30's now, he could play for us for 10 years. If he is good you take him even with 28/29.
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