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You and I have seen eye to eye on most things, I just think that we had a disagreement about of all the stupid things in the world, offensive tackles. I took it to a level I shouldnt have I am sure of that. Stress has been kicking my *** for about 6 months now. I sincerely apologize for that. Your words are kind and truly made my day. I thank you dude.

My daughter is 26 months old. At 18 months we went in for what we thought was an 18 month check-up. Before we saw the DR (not our regular doctor seeing as was out of town) they gave us a sheet that had 20 questions on it to gage milestones for your child. We answered to the best of our knowledge. We then went in to see the DR and without even looking at Evie (pronounced ee-v-ie) and by only using that paper she recommended we go to a specialist and have her evaluated for Autism.

As you can imagine, my heart ****ing sank. I immediately wanted to throw up. we were completely blindsided. The real kicker was that the DR appt with the specialist was 4 months out because of how many kids are being diagnosed with this. So thats 4 months we had to sit and wonder, does our baby have autism, will she ever lead a normal life. Will she ever have the opportunities that people like us take for granted every single day?

It eats away at you. What it does is make you look at your little person in a way that you had never looked at her before. Not a bad way, just a different way. A way that I cant just readily explain in words.

We still have no idea whether or not she has Autism (her appt. is in July, we have been going through this since October), but at this point we simply DONT care. She is ours, she is my life, my reason for being, my everything, and I would not change who she is for anything in this entire world.

I am a 28 year old man, who has been resigned to feeling helpless and distraught. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, and unsure how I am going to help her. But I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make her life as beautiful as it can possibly be. She may have it, she may not. The problem is the waiting between times.

This is why I truly and deeply appreciate your kind words Shaunta. You are a good man, and I thank you!!!!

Wow, all good luck to you and your family, D2K.

I really hope things turn out well, whatever happens.