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    Buffalo Bills

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    If you go by Bill Polians rules for drafting, rule 1 is if you have two guys equally rated you take the guy that scores TD's. In this case it would be Blackmon over Kalil. This of course is saying they are equally rated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billzfan51 View Post
    If the Bills had their choice between Kalil and Blackmon they couldn't go wrong with either player. I'd kind of prefer Kalil. To me he's the safest pick in this draft. But Blackmon sure would make that a tough decision. I'd be second guessing myself the entire time I ran to the podium with Kalil's name on my card.
    True, but I look at it this way...the Bills scored about 30 points a game until their OL crapped out.
    How do I loathe Jon Bon Jovi, let me count the ways ....
    1. He wants to buy into the team and move it to Toronto, leaving THREE NFL Franchises in Florida and ZERO in New York.
    2. He's a Jets fan.
    3. He's friends with Bill Belichick.

    Seriously, why doesn't the league just kick us all where it counts and take a 15 yard penalty for taunting if they let Jon Bon Jovi and his highlights buy into our team.

    In 1987, Jon was all about Tommy and Gina. In 2014, Jon's all about Claude and Anais.

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    if we got blackmon abd kalil was on board. we call kc and see what it takes to get there pick.

    what would it take next years 1st,this year 2nd and a 4th??

    be great to get best wr and lt in draft
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    2014 Buffalo Bills Mock Draft:
    Round 1= Eric Ebron-TE--NC
    Round 2=Kelvin Benjamin-WR--Fla St
    Round 3=Jack Mewhort-OT--Ohio St
    Round 4=Shayne Skov-LB--Stanford
    Round 5=Trai Turner-OG--LSU

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    Check out what Cosell had to say about Gilmore

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    I was about to post this He has Gilmore #3 to the Viking not Claiborne. He think Gilmore is the best d player in the draft.

    Round 1. Jake Matthews LT. 6"5-310 Texas A&M
    Round 2. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE. 6"6-275 Washington
    Round 3. Gabe Jackson OG. 6"3-335 Mississippi St

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronxBomber21 View Post
    I was about to post this He has Gilmore #3 to the Viking not Claiborne. He think Gilmore is the best d player in the draft.
    The fact that he compared him to a Charles Woodson type player makes me giddy for his potential.
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    What I enjoy is how people act like players never bust or players are always as good as they are advertised.
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