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Thread: Bills Biggest Need As Of 5/3/12: Wide Receiver

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    good point bearcat
    Don't get hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregory View Post
    We picked up T.J. Graham in the 3rd... So what?

    Here is a scenario that could EASILY happen.

    Training camp: Stevie Johnson injures groin.
    Marcus Easley has another injury/ or just isnt cutting it.

    Season Opening Starters: David Nelson
    TJ Graham (throwing him in with the wolves)
    Donald Jones?? Brad Smith?? CJ Spiller??

    That is not good enough. And I don't believe it is fair to put CJ back out at wide receiver again.

    Conclusion: Wide Receiver has still NOT been addressed.
    With Easley coming back think of it this way that is another Draft Pick.

    And I am telling you that the coaching staff and FO like Easley, Jones and Aiken more than people think here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bearcat View Post
    Couldn't you do this with almost every other team and draw the same conclusion? Whether at the WR position or somewhere else?

    What if Nicks and Cruz both get hurt for the Giants? They have to throw Randle out to the wolves and whatever other backups they have now without Manningham.

    These kind of exercises are so pointless, every team has depth issues at some position.
    Yes, but we do not have a true number 2 receiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Smith Eats Ya QB View Post
    it only takeone person in community to make a difference...

    listen lot of people are showing love to fitz
    You like mine then. Look it up.
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