This is the 2nd part of a daily thread called Camp Battles.....we did OT yesterday and it went over well. With Freddy getting his extention and C.J getting the #1 performance ranking of the yr from PFF its a great time discuss the brewing HB battle that will be apon us soon.

Fred Jackson-the heart and soul of the team and one of the most underrated players in the NFL is locked up for the next 3 yrs. The guy can do it all, he can run, pass, block and even throw if u need him to. When he runs he has a swag to him and flows thru defenses. I'm a huge Fred Jackson fan! With all that said facts are facts Fred is now 31, I know people will say he has less miles because of the fact he wasn't in the NFL as long as other HB's his age but the guy was still playing football.

C.J Spiller-the first pick of Buddy Nix is still trying to get PT. They tried to use him as a WR cause Jackson was just too good last yr. This guy has all the skillz in the world and this should be his yr to shine. Spiller is imo our biggest playmaker on offence and can take it to the house on any play.

I know this nas been discussed a lot already but its a good problem to have. The way I see it playing out is that Fred will start the season as the featured back w/Spiller getting 8-10 touches a game. Around the middle of the season I could see the roles reverse and Spiller being the featured back w/Jackson being our 3rd down/utility back. I really hope they figure out a way to have both in the backfield at the same time. If u guys remember when Fred went down and Spiller was the featured back Gailey used Choise a lot to keep Spiller Fresh.....why can't they do the same thing w/Spiller and Fred?