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Thread: Coaching changes and hiring predictions

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    First of all Cowher does want a team with an established Good Starting QB. San Diego is the perfect spot for him. Nice weather, the 3-4 defense is already in place. Love him or hate him Phillip Crying on the local Rivers is there.

    Gruden will end up in Philly, his brother will end up in Cleveland I believe and Dallas will either hire long hair aka Rob Ryan as LONG as he DOES NOT hire his brother Rex lol... The Jets will probably land the OC from Atlanta I forgot his name and I am just too lazy to look it up but those of you who know football know WHO I am talking about and why I am even mentioning his name. Also I can see Mike Zimmer from the Bengals getting a HC job somewhere as well...

    IF the Bills fire Chan (for the record I hope they don't) I believe Ralph will go after the OC from Atlanta or Gary Zimmer DC from the Bengals. I wouldn't mind Perry Fewell but all you Johnny come lately types will cry that Ralph did go after a real Head Coach LIKE YOU ALWAYS do lol
    Cowher just bought a condo in NYC. I think he prefers the East Coast. If the Giants tank, I see ownership suggest Coughlin retire since the guy is freaking old. I'm sure Hurricane Sandy is hurting morale at Giants Stadium, so Coughlin might prefer to spend the Apocolypse in retirement. Woody Johnson would also jump at hiring Cowher, if the Jets miss the playoffs. Now that Reid is done in Philly, I think ownership likes Gruden. Jerry Jones is in love with Garrett, even though he sucks, and will stick with Garrett, unless Holmgren wants the job. I think the Bills should actually make a run at Jay Gruden. Ohio is really close to Buffalo, so he can stay close to his relatives. Jay Gruden is an offensive genius (better than Gailey). I think the new Cleveland Browns owner will want to spend money on a "Big Name" like Nick Saban, or even Andy Reid. If Sean Payton goes to the highest bidder, Cleveland may want him.

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    I like Gus Bradley, The Seattle Seahawks DC, he is younger, has the same fiery attitude as Mike Tomlin does. But I'd rather see Gailey succeed here, I'm really sick of the whole coaching carousel.

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