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    Hey everyone! This past month, I've moved to Australia (which has been great). One negative is not always being able to watch my Bills. I was lucky to watch the San Fran and Arizona games during the mornings but the 1:00 pm games have been tricky.

    This thread is being made for 2 reasons.

    1) If your an international Bills fan, let us know where you are? If your in Australia specifically, LET ME KNOW! Always looking for fellow Bills fans.

    2) How do you go about watching the games? Are you near a Bills Backer Bar? Do they show repeats of the game? Do you watch it at absurd hours?

    Go Bills!

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    1) Manchester, jolly ole England.

    2) I did have a feed to watch games live the past 2 years but that's not available this year. I have thought about getting GamePass but I'm not working at the moment, money is a bit tight. I watch whatever I can on Sky and watch RedZone every week.

    It's not ideal but I do the best I can.
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    Madrid, Espana.

    Gamepass, I am pretty sure you can get it in Oz. The feed is real good only downer is I paid for regular season only, not sure what I would do if the Bills get to the playoffs - still not going to worry just yet............

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    Cheshire in UK.

    Game pass is pretty good and the red button on Sky gives you an excellent choice.I can only assume Game pass is available everywhere except in the US.
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    Melbourne Australia. Welcome to the greatest country on earth! Sucks getting up at 5am to watch games hey, and the fact that the bills are never on free to air tv. Ironically was at the San Fran & AZ games of which you speak! Message me if you live in melbs.

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    always going to different bars that have the sunday ticket... also i work at a Casino and we have a sport's book there with sunday ticket too
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    Quote Originally Posted by OTown View Post
    2) How do you go about watching the games? Are you near a Bills Backer Bar? Do they show repeats of the game? Do you watch it at absurd hours?

    Go Bills!
    There is a great torrent site that has all the NFL games you want...
    Can't think of the name right now, but when I remember it, I will send you a PM

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    I'll save you guys some potential trouble.

    Don't talk about any other feed beside Game Pass in this thread and don't say "PM me with link." If you've got a site, be smart about it. It is against the CoC to discuss illegal feeds.

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    Sweet phorum! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you Great!

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