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Thread: 5 QBs I think Buddy Nix will be targeting

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    Quote Originally Posted by V-Expression View Post
    Pretty interesting that you say Nix won't touch Matt Barkley because of his geographical location, yet Nix was at a USC game scouting a couple weeks ago.

    I wonder who he was looking at?
    The best QB in the nation.

    I love it when Barkley throws a bad pass, 8 threads are made on it yet Geno has played a pretty awful past 3 games. Including today....Thus far.

    I still like Geno, but as I've said all along, Barkley is still the class of the college QB's with NFL potential next season.

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    Barkley just threw a 75 td and it went about 65 yards in the air. I don't think arm strength if that much of a problem.

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