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Thread: 5 QBs I think Buddy Nix will be targeting

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    Quote Originally Posted by V-Expression View Post
    Pretty interesting that you say Nix won't touch Matt Barkley because of his geographical location, yet Nix was at a USC game scouting a couple weeks ago.

    I wonder who he was looking at?
    The best QB in the nation.

    I love it when Barkley throws a bad pass, 8 threads are made on it yet Geno has played a pretty awful past 3 games. Including today....Thus far.

    I still like Geno, but as I've said all along, Barkley is still the class of the college QB's with NFL potential next season.

    Quote Originally Posted by junglesouljah View Post
    Laremy Tunsil is a physical WR who doesn't have the greatest deep speed.

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    Barkley just threw a 75 td and it went about 65 yards in the air. I don't think arm strength if that much of a problem.

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