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Thread: Thank god we ran Perry Fewell out of town.

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    I bet when the season is over, Perry, Mularkey, Gilbride, Williams and Wade get together to thank God/Mohammed/Allah/Ganesh/Budda that they were led out of the darkness and into the light. Ralph sure showed them.

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    its a TEAM game would Montana be as glorious with Rice or vice versa, Brady his Oline and Belichek, Manning, Freeney, Harrison and Dungy, . . . etc. etc.

    Anyone that has success in the NFL does so not only through their own hard work but that of those TEAM-MATES around them.

    The offense needs the defense, they both need special teams, the guard needs the center, the center needs the guards, the guards needs the tackles, the tackles need the guards, the running backs need the tackles, the tackles need the backs, the backs need the guards and centers and qbs and o coordinators etc etc etc, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone

    its all connected, its a symphony of coordination, jeeeebus

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