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Thread: To many choir boys on this team we needs some fighters

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    Default To many choir boys on this team we needs some fighters

    Buffalo Bills

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    We obvious don't have the coaches that's gonna light a fire. We need some players to stand up as men. I mean no one wants to say anything every one is looking for something to happen. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns. Someone like Freddy or one of the o linemen. To start getting in guys faces and say they had enough. On D maybe Barnett I don't know if we have any on this team built for this. I remember in the glory days we were known as the bickering bills. It caused a lil chaos but it showed we had some fight in us. Guys like Thurman, Kelly Bruce and Talley had no problem calling guys out. Problem is to do that you have to have or been performing at a high level were your play speaks for it self. Boy it really shows the lack of leadership on this team. A vet who during the game who can get in guys faces and tell them to step up. They say your team takes on it's coach personality. Boy is this true. Clueless, lost unable to stop the ball from rolling. Ben a Bills fan since 1980 Cribbs and Ferguson era. Outside of 4 lean yrs before Kelly got here. This is as bad as it gets. I'm hoping Rex and the Jets crash to. I think he is the type of in your face guy we need here. How much you want to bet this D does a 180 and ends up in the top 10 in 1 yr. I'm from Jersey I saw the turn around and mind set the Jets took when he took over. Yeah he may have gotten a lil carried away at times. But he's the type of guy we need here.

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    Agreed. I get a little tired of hearing about Bills players such as _______(insert name) "Yeah i talked with him and he is such a nice guy, very intelligent, quiet, well mannered," etc etc. We need some badasses on this team! Not all headcases but players with fire even a temper.

    For every Dareus type character who plays smiling etc (not knocking him as i am always laughing on the field) we need a snarling monster. A balanced team is required and that goes as far as different characters.

    What I'd give to have the bickering Bills back.

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    I agree whole heartily. All you have to do is look at who the captains are. Then you look at you selected them.It is time the captains took a stand, if they are man enough.It is one thing to be an in your face guy or a guy that lets it all out on the field. I have yet to see this from anyone on this team. that includes the coaching staff.

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    It's ok to have a couple... but, when you look at the league, in general... how many "mean" players are on a roster. You fill your team with players who can't get along with others, you have the JETS.

    I don't mind seeing Fred get up and tap a guys helmet after a good hit... I also don't mind watching CJ talk trash after a long gain to a defensive player. It's a mix.

    To me, this isn't a huge problem... we lack the KEY spot on either side of the ball. We need a QB and a MLB...
    Hopelessly devastated Bills fan.

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