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Thread: The Chiefs Should Do What The Bills Didn't...

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    Default The Chiefs Should Do What The Bills Didn't...

    After 3 years of Gailey, who wouldn't want Schottenheimer in Buffalo? Especially, if the rumors that he actually wanted to coach the Bills were true. Good luck, Chiefs.

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    no more old guys.
    go bills
    go sabres
    go knicks
    go sox

    steve johnson is our future star
    Fred jackson is my adopted player this year!!
    freddie freddie!!
    should change my username but oh well.

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    I don't know if that will comply with his at home care program!

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    anybody is better than failey !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshawn-2-the-housee View Post
    no more old guys.
    I want Chip kelly!
    I have been off the EJ is a "franchise QB" bandwagon since week 2 of 2013 season vs Carolina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1989 View Post
    Wasn't the rumour regarding him going back there as a GM rather than head coach? Also, haven't they also denied talking to him?

    Personally I wouldn't mind him becoming our head coach but it would be a short term fix, because he's unlikely at his age to still be around here as the head coach in ten years time. So while he could do very well in the short term, I think I'd rather us try to get our 'Bill Belichick' in that we manage to finally get a head coach to take us back to the play offs, but also make us consistently competitive for the long term. I think finding that kinda guy who spend the next ten years or so here would be the ideal scenario, though those kind of guys are generally few and far between.
    I was hoping Marty would come to Buffalo because the team really needs some stability, someone to teach the fundamentals, and some disciplined defense. As a former Bills player, this would be a feel-good storyline.

    But I think Clark Hunt wants to bring back the Chiefs glory days of the 1990's, and he'll go back to Marty.

    Marty will be a good 2 year Fix-it Man. But I would take 2 years of guaranteed Playoffs, rather than another 10 years of failure. Buffalo seems intent on finding the cheapest "up and coming coordinator" but that has led to 10 years of failure. Time to bring back a proven Coach.

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