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Thread: Interest in Andy Reid?

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    So you want to replace a bad coach who probably goes 7-9 with an even worse coach who probably goes 4-12?


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    Andy Reid's mistake was falling for Michael Vick, the coach killer whose style doesn't win playoff games. Chan Gailey is a horrible play caller/game manager/motivator and head coach, he cannot beat another coach when a coaches decisions decides the game, like bill parcells, Jimmy Johnson,or bill belicheck, I don't put Andy Reid in that class but compared to Gailey, Reid is better

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffbill77 View Post
    Would you be interested in Andy Reid as HC for the Buffalo Bills?

    I would be ecstatic if he became available and Buffalo somehow landed him...

    I think he will be released at the end of the season after a very disappointing season in Philly
    He's not going anywhere......

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