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Thread: Bills lose by 4 in a heartbreaker

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    Alert Bills lose by 4 in a heartbreaker

    Buffalo Bills

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    This game's going to go down to the wire, I can smell it now. We're going to be up by 3 with about six left to play in the 4th, and thechance to win the game will be in our hands. After turning the ball over, Indy is going to methodically march down the field and score 7, leaving us a minute left on the clock. We'll fail to get within scoring range with so little time left, or Pickspatrick is going to throw a costly interception trying to be a haro. I've seen it soooooo many times that I should open up an sports almanac business

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    Regardless, I'm drunk as a skunk and ready to cheer my *** off! GO BILLS!!! WOOO!

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    i think the colts will run away with this game 38-20

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    What happened to your bet on the dolphins game. Still waiting on a pic of the losing ticket...

    Your prediction of the dolphins game was off so this one surely will be too

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