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Thread: Why did Doug Whaley come to the Bills?

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    Buffalo Bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurman#1 View Post
    One of two things? Have to be true?


    Try one out of eight billion.

    It's your experience, is it, that usually an employee who reports to someone above him either has 100% or 0% of his ideas and imput accepted and acted on? Nonsense. Makes a nice narrative so you can scream and yell more, but it's nonsense. What's undoubtedly happening is that some of his input is accepted and some isn't, and we don't know which is which. But Chan and the organization do, and if Whaley's recommendations have been working out, there'll be a good chance of him taking over the GM position down the road.

    And we also know that two and a half years is too early to judge the regime of a GM, that we know for sure, but again, if you ignore it you get to run around and scream and shout that the sky is falling.
    Chan and Fitz need to go for Nix to have any credibility left.

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    Would Jon Gruden come to Buffalo if?

    CEO- Jim Kelly
    Senior Football Advisor - Bill Polian
    Executive Vice President of Football Administration - Rick Smith (from Houston Texans)
    Director of Player Personnel - Nick Caserio (from New England Patriots)
    Driector of College Scouting - TJ McCreight (from Baltimore Ravens)
    Director of Pro Scouting - Joel Patten (from San Francisco 49ers)
    Assistant Director of College Scouting - Chuck Cook
    Football Research Director - Marv Levy

    Head Coach/General Manager - Jon Gruden

    Offensive Coordinator - Chip Kelly (from University of Oregon)
    Defensive Coordinator - Dave Wannstedt
    Assistant Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach - Frank Reich (from Arizona Cardinals)
    Assistant Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach - Odell Haggins (from Florida State University)

    Buffalo Trades Chris Kelsay, Our 2nd and conditional 5th round draft picks in 2014. FOR Alex Smith

    FA 2013 Bills sign

    1. Anthony Spencer, SLB, Cowboys replaces Arthur Moats and Bradham becomes back up SLB
    2. Quentin Jammer, CB, Chargers replaces Terrence McGee
    3. Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs replaces Donald Jones at WR-2. Marcus Easley gets cut
    4. Daryl Smith, WLB, Panthers replaces Kirk Morrison. With Te'o the new MLB Sheppard becomes back up MLB and Daryl Smith and Barnett rotate at 4-3 WLB.
    5. Sebastian Vollmer, LT, Patriots replaces Eric Pears then becomes back up with Chris Hairston. Bills cut Young and place Sanders on Practice Squad
    6. Cliff Averil, RDE, Lions replaces Chris Kelsay
    7. Shonn Greene, RB, Jets replaces Tashard Choice
    8. Andy Lee, P, 49ers replaces Shawn Powell
    9. Michael Vick, QB, Eagles replaces Brad Smith
    10. Matt Moore, QB, Miami replaces Tyler Thigpen

    2013 Draft *Buffalo does not draft a QB because Nix is no longer with the Bills

    Round 1) Manti Te'o, MLB, Notre Dame
    Round 2) DJ Fluker, RT, Alabama
    Round 3) Tony Jefferson, FS, Oklahoma
    Round 4) Tyrann Mathieu, CB, NONE
    Round 5) Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
    Round 6) Michael Williams, TE, Alabama
    Round 7) Gave to Seattle

    2013 53 Man Roster

    QB-1 Alex Smith
    QB-2 Michael Vick (wild cat)
    QB-3 Matt Moore

    O-line: LT Vollmer, LG Levitre, C Woods, RG Glenn, RT Fluker
    Back ups: OT Hairston, OT Pears, OG Urbik, OG Rhinehart

    Running Back's: RB1 Spiller, RB2 Jackson, RB3 Greene

    FB's: FB1 McIntyre

    WR's: WR1 Johnson, WR2 Bowe, WR3 Nelson, WR4 Graham, WR5 Jones, WR6 Davis

    TE's: TE1 Chandler, TE2 Williams

    D-Line: LDE Williams, LDT Dareus, RDT Williams, RDE Averil
    Back ups: DE Anderson, DE Moore, DE Merriman, DT Troup, DT Carrington

    LB'ers: WLB Smith, MLB Te'o, SLB Spencer
    Back ups, WLB Barnett, MLB Sheppard, SLB Bradham, NLB Scott

    CB's: RCB Gilmore, LCB Jammer
    Back up's: McKelvin, Williams, Mathieu, Rogers

    Safety's: FS Byrd, SS Wilson
    Back up's FS Jefferson, SS Searcy, SS Brooks

    Kicker: Rian Lindell
    Punter: Andy Lee
    Long Snapper: Garrison Sandborn

    Punt Return: McKelvin, Mathieu
    Kick Return: Mathieu, McKelvin, Rogers
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    Lamonica is right.

    We (Bills fans) don't know anything about Doug Whaley.

    He was not the GM in Pittsburgh and did not have final say on Draft Day.

    So we don't really know how much credit he should get for Pittsburgh run of success.

    Bills fans like that he came from the Steelers (so did Modrak and Donahoe) and he is young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jm2009 View Post
    Chan and Fitz need to go for Nix to have any credibility left.

    Chan and Fitz need to go for you to be happy. Or to have any credibility ... with you.

    What gives credibility with you and me doesn't matter. And the team knows that what's going on here isn't Buddy's fault, and that things take time.

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    He was director of pro personel in Pittsburgh i believe. He had nothing to do with the draft or scouting college talent. Pittsburgh hardly ever signs free agents so.. who knows

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrostbitMic View Post
    Yeah, Tom Donahoe did this team wonders. I'm sure if we had given him a few more years, because you can't rebuild in 3, maybe if we gave him 5 or 10 years we'd be in better shape. That would've proven the Pittsburgh connection works.

    BTW .... Gailey once worked in Pittsburgh too.

    So did Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher. Not that I'm saying Gailey or Whaley are the next Noll or Cowher, but if you're going to mention guys like Donahoe, you should also mention the Nolls and Cowhers.

    And we did give Donahoe five years. Which was long enough to show he wasn't getting it done. Three years isn't long enough for a GM. Five years is pretty commonly considered to be enough time so that you can usually make a decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaGatorsBuffaloBills View Post
    I just don't get it.

    The man came from one of the most successful NFL franchise's, he was a large part of the reason for their recent Super Bowl runs, he was considered a very good up and coming front office man, and he decided to come to the Buffalo Bills. Where is he at? How can he be okay with how things are being ran here after spending so much time with a great NFL team? How can he be okay with Nix wanting to keep Gailey around for another year?

    I understand he isn't the GM yet, but I would be willing to bet he has quite a bit of say in what goes on at OBD. He may not be making final decisions, but I'm sure he has a great influence in them. I've supported Buddy Nix for 2.5 years but bringing back Chan for another year will end any confidence I have in Buddy.

    I just don't get why a guy like Doug Whaley would come to Buffalo and just let this garbage continue.
    More money and a chance to run the show which wasn't going to happen for a long time in Pittsburgh.

    Buddy is 70 and I think the plan was for him not to be on the job very long.
    How do I loathe Jon Bon Jovi, let me count the ways ....
    1. He wants to buy into the team and move it to Toronto, leaving THREE NFL Franchises in Florida and ZERO in New York.
    2. He's a Jets fan.
    3. He's friends with Bill Belichick.

    Seriously, why doesn't the league just kick us all where it counts and take a 15 yard penalty for taunting if they let Jon Bon Jovi and his highlights buy into our team.

    In 1987, Jon was all about Tommy and Gina. In 2014, Jon's all about Claude and Anais.

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    I think this is Buddy's final draft before Whaley takes over.
    When will the Bills find the heir to Losman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarylLamonica View Post
    So, is that what you resort to, a donkey picture, then state I don't know what he did at the Stellers organization and then try and say, "I am off to dinner", in other words you are too gutless a coward to sustain the debate, want to get your parting shot and then leave. Coward. I thought better of you, I was wrong.

    You know as much about what he did or didn't do at the Steelers organization as did I.You don't know any of those factors, so what.

    Let me explain my point by real world experience, I used to work at a brokerage firm that was in disarray. They brought in some young hotshot from Goldman Sachs management, best broker dealer in the world at that time. The man was used to everything top class, it took about 6 months for everyone to realize the guy was in way over his head, he had to deal with things he took for granted at Goldman and was incapable of handling it. I could easily see the same thing happening here.

    For the record, I think it is a great idea to give him a try, he might succeed, he might fail. My only point is just because he came from the Steelers, imo, doesnt mean he will be a success or any better than Nix
    You worked for a brokerage firm yet can hardly type the English language. Yikes.

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