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Thread: 7-4 or 8-3

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    I am convinced that with an upgrade at the QB position this team is 7-4 or 8-3...even with this defense.

    I see a defense that can play, but the scheme doesnt fit these guys. this is an uptempo come after you defense but all of that is being hindered by a laid back wait and react scheme that is in place....change the DC or the scheme and this defense has the talent....

    QB is the one position that I can see making a single change vastly changes this team. I think we need to add a strong middle backer (move shep to the outside) and invest in a corner, but even with those changes we are only 5-6 in my opinion.

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    Agree to a limited extent. The games we should have won that we didn't were the Titans game, the second Pats game, and the Colts game this past weekend. Of those I'd say you put the second Pats game maybe on Fitz, and yesterday's game. That gets us to 6-5. But while the D is performing better, the bottom line is that there were too many games where they gave up a ton of points, like the Titans game, and we don;t have a quick strike offense that can simply outscore the other team. Even this past weekend, while Fitz played poorly, there were a few third downs where they absolutely had to make a stop and they didn't. Now, some of that is scheme to be sure, but at some point you have to quit using that as an excuse and expect guys to make the play that has to be made.

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    Winning the three games you listed, we're 7-4, not 6-5, which is where we should be. 3 people are keeping this team from being successful; Chan Gailey with his horrid play calling, Fitz, with his inaccuracy and weak arm and Wanny, although I'm inclined to give Wanny more breathing room, since the Defense HAS looked better in the last month.

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    Not with Gailey's play calling. he has to be gone

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