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Thread: Jon Gruden meeting with Russ Brandon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by manitobabillsfan View Post
    Pretty sure he's enjoying Christmas not hanging around Buffalo
    yea and freezing his azz off

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    likely not true, but they did say he was here on Monday not Sunday I thought?
    "Yeah I'm pissed. I'm gunna use that energy. I'm gunna go home, I'm not gunna talk to anybody, ya know... I'm just gunna shut it down. I'm gunna be by myself.
    I'm not gunna pet my dog.
    I'm gunna get fired up. I'm gunna come to work tomorrow, I'm gunna watch the film. Be a pro. I'm gunna be a man. We're gunna work, and get ready to go."
    Doug Marrone

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    So he was in Miami and Tempo at the same time? They had a good laugh about it on WGR this morning about him being seen around town with various coaches.

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    All I can tell you is that whoever is in charge--Wilson, Nix, this Brandon some of you speak of, whatever--this team seriously needs to get into the playoffs next year. I am really running out of patience with this nonsense!
    The best man to ever lead this franchise, especially when adversity was not common in the league at the time. Ralph, firing this guy was the biggest mistake of your life and you will go down in history with too many fans knowing that! Kudos Mr. Bill Polian, at least you won your championship; I'm happy for you!

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    The run defence has a few hole's in it to say the least. Evenif we have to move up,The Bills Need to Make Mosa Tao'e Their 1st. Round Pick. Good Quarterbacks Wii B There in The 2nd. Round. Thoughts?

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    Yes that should be the Bills order of picks

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