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    Just curious, what did the Bills give up for T-Jax?
    He hasn't been active once this year, so...

    I thought the Bills gave the Seahawks like a signed, rookie Bruce Smith card or something

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    A 7th that could turn into a 6th if he was active for more than 4 weeks or something like that. So to answer your question it was a 7th.

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    It was a 7th round pick. He was their "insurance policy" in the event that Fitz got hurt. Chan loved him so much, he didnt want any competition

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    I see Nix resigning him to another 1 yr deal or maybe 2. Then giving him a shot in training camp. He is now another QB that "knows" the system. If Fitz is cut/traded and a rookie or FA is brought in....TJax will be the insurance policy once again.
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