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Thread: Wouldn't you rather have Lovie Smith & Norv Turner as a package over Chip Kelly?

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    two cents Wouldn't you rather have Lovie Smith & Norv Turner as a package over Chip Kelly?

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    I know I certainly would. This team is build for the Cover-2 Defense and for the vertical passing game and power running game that Turners Offense is designed to be when he has all the working parts he needs. I believe this offense is less complicated and easier for a rooker or 1-3 non-starting QB to grasp and run well to very well going into next season... You know there's been rumors of the Bills trading for Alex Smith. Well guess what folks. He has Norv Turner as ONE of his 6 OCs in 6 seasons... He knows the offense enough...


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    Is this some sort of silly joke? Norv turner is the biggest waste of a coach ive ever seen.
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    Why is this thread here? in the speculation/rumors forum. It is neither. It is an opinion thread, most of which are in the main forum. It is a reasonable opinion. I've never liked Norv Turner as a head coach. When he's a head coach, his teams invariably underachieve, but he's a heck of an offensive coordinator, and recognized as one of the top offensive gurus of the league. I wouldn't mind him coming to Buffalo in that capacity a bit. The best offensive coordinator in the world still needs a QB who can throw the ball accurately.
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    Its called a question, Skippy!

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    That's my dream scenario. Norv turner is a good oc. And I'm all in on the lovie train

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