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Thread: CHip to Eagles.

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    Buffalo Bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by D2k View Post
    Thurman retweet. How is this my fault?

    You posted a thread on it.

    Gotta check the facts man. I checked as soon as I say the Mary Kay retweet. Then came here and saw your thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by blakesbills16 View Post
    I would love it if fans could actually learn how to spell Marcel Dareus' name on this board.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlokesAndHoes View Post
    As a former Boise fanboy, I'm a little bummed about Chris Petersen leaving. That Boise team under Petersen and Kellen Moore really got me interested in college football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldat28 View Post
    Nothing new really...two days ago was told they may wait after this weekends games and could possibly set up more interviews...other than that there's really nothing besides what's being reported
    thanks, are we a realistic option for Kelly at this point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by giarmyjoe View Post
    It's funny cause you thought you would be the first to post this breaking news on the BBMB.
    BWAH. I care very little about those types of things. If you know my post history you know this.

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    amazing how the guys with supposed sources on here never say anything until somebody else reports it, and thats why its been so quiet lately because everything is speculation !

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    All I know is that if you want this thread to die where it is simply say the word autism. This thread needs to disappear.

    Quote Originally Posted by treid022 View Post
    I think a 4th option.. **** this show, I have to wait until february and until then, read about how you mother****ers are like phone psychics, like the bald headed ***** with the crystal ball commercial that woul d come on at like 1am and say some ****.. call me mother****er, i'll teell you your ****.. **** her, she didn't predict the herpes on her forehead..

    Quote Originally Posted by DaBills7313 View Post
    Browns suck, Bills suck, and we all suck for liking these teams.

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    I still say he's going to cleveland

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    wow, is he a pass rusher or something?

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