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Thread: How is buddy not fired.....

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    what??? me lie never you sir have sullied my good name i demand satisfaction!! lets say a pistol duel at midnight good sir
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    Buddy Nix is a top tier scout/talent evaluator. Don't believe me? ...Look at the other 31 teams drafts in the past 3 years.
    Gilmore,Glenn,Bradham are all looking like solid starters in the league for years to come. Jury still out on Graham.
    Dareus IMO will be a force in the league. Searcy came on strong at the end of the season, and Hairston is a GREAT rotational lineman, who would start on many lines in this league.
    He has built depth on a team that had little to nothing. Bringing in Barnett, M.Williams, Anderson re signing SJ, Fred, Chandler, K Williams, Urbik for very fair deal, all bring credibility to a franchise that had none.
    These are all reasons Buffalo was of the top choices for available coaches this off season... as opposed to scraping the bottom of the barrel three years ago for Chan and his staff.
    The knock on Buddy is his sticking with Chan for 3 years, which is a fair argument IMO.. but he admitted himself he was very surprised at the level of interest from Coaches out there to come to Buffalo. He is likely basing this on his experience in the search 3 years ago that produced Gailey
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    Let Mel Kiper do the draft picking for us. At least he follows college players and probably knows pretty much what he's talking about when it comes to quality players.
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