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Thread: Toronto series?

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    Default Toronto series?

    Any word on if the Toronto series is still going to happen in light of the new rennovations? Strange that they haven't announced anything yet.

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    they talked like they had a new extension done awhile ago and that they were just finishing all the paperwork...but hey maybe they changed plans after they didnt have one successful year of it.
    go bills
    go sabres
    go knicks
    go sox

    steve johnson is our future star
    Fred jackson is my adopted player this year!!
    freddie freddie!!
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    This series is NOT needed for regionalization or to make the franchise viable... !

    I can't believe they renewed this garbage. Russ Brandon just doesn't get it !

    The Bills fans from Toronto and Southern Ontario want nothing to do with the game in Toronto.
    The Canadian fans that are interested already come to the Ralph...

    How happy is one of your team leaders about this ?

    I hope Eric Wood speaks out about this Toronto mess again.

    This is what he said after the last game...

    "I think that Toronto series has turned into pretty much a joke". "I think they started it hoping that we'd have a lot of fan support in Toronto. We have none.

    "I mean, it's a crucial third down for them in the first quarter, and they're running just regular snap count, where I don't care if we have a half-filled Ralph Wilson Stadium, they don't do that."

    "You're making a team from out west travel, and then you give them the comfort of a dome, and you don't make them play in our stadium". "We have no home-field advantage allowed. We travel, too. I just think it's a joke.

    "And it's a bad atmosphere for football. I mean, nobody wants to play there. I guess for opposing teams it beats the hell out of going in somebody else's stadium and dealing with a bunch of crowd noise.

    "I don't think it's turned out the way we wanted, and I hope we don't renew it. That sucked."

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