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Thread: Bills O-line coach Morris set to move line forward

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    Default Bills O-line coach Morris set to move line forward

    Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo coaching staff has a clear veteran among the group. Itís offensive line coach Pat Morris, who is entering his 16th year of NFL coaching with the Bills and has another 21 in the college ...

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    Moving the line forward? Wouldn't that be a false start?
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    just like every year, it sounds good on paper but only results will matter in the end !

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    I wonder about this. As much as we liked coach D, the reality is that the line had pretty much reached it's peak, and wasn't good at certain things (straight up run-blocking). I am thinking (and hoping) that a new coach there will provide fresh insight and hopefully spark some improvement to fill in gaps. I really hope that we stick to a lot of the same offensive philosophies- we are the best screen team in the game, and our offense is geared towards the spread.
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