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Thread: Would love to trade back to around the 15-25 range

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    I was just wondering if you have psychic powers? Experts don't have a clue where guys are going to get drafted but you can say who will be available at 20 or 25?? Reports out there is Barkley never really fell off according to 2 nfl scouts at the senior bowl. So you know more then them? If there is a qb you like you take them at 8. If there are a few qb's you like you trade down hoping they are there. Just letting you know in the NFL draft QB'S get taken much higher then their value (Ponder, Tannehill, 28yr old Brandon Weeden, etc...)

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    You want to trade down so that we get the 3rd or 4th choice at QB at the most important position in the NFL and one that we have had a zero at for 13 years? Makes no sense, if anything we should be looking to move up to get the guy we want (if there is such a guy the Bills like).

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