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Thread: AP: Former "Honey Badger" eager to return

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    Default AP: Former "Honey Badger" eager to return

    Buffalo Bills

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    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu thought he hit rock bottom when Les Miles kicked him off the team last August for failing multiple drug tests. He was wrong. Eleven weeks later,...

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    Fisher took Jenkins in the 2nd last draft, Belichick likewise with Dennard in the 7th. Some coach will weigh the risk reward factor and try to tilt the scale in favor of drafting Honey Badger with his GM, despite the boo boos.

    He'll be drafted by someone, probably last day some place,

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    Bengals. It's too obvious.

    They actually got a ton of production out of Vontaze Burfict so that might be a great spot for him. I still wish we'd taken Marvin Lewis over Gregg Williams. Terrible decision.
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