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Thread: Over Reaction Monday

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    Buffalo Bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBillsWillRiseAgain View Post
    I'm just happy they were able to stay relevant this far into the season. I've posted before that I really don't care if they made the playoffs this year because I honestly believe things click for us next year. Very exciting young team imo.
    You said that last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that. Do you see a pattern? If you don't see the pattern send me some of that stuff you're smoking.
    Relevant??? When were the Bills ever relevant? Outside of Western NY no one else even knows they exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SECBill View Post
    Being a Bills fan, I generally listen to the post game show and read the reactions on Bills forums. I can't believe how some fans react to wins and losses. If the Bills win, they want the Bills to extend contracts, give players whatever they want so they will sign their contract, or worry about losing players or coaches to another team. If the Bills lose, then they want players cut, traded or benched and the coaches don't know what they are doing.
    We all want the Bills to win, but the NFL is entertainment. We have suffered through numerous futile seasons, but that just means that when the Bills win the Super Bowl in the near future, it will taste that much sweeter.
    I admit that when I'm watching the Bills, I yell at the television and don't want to be interrupted during the game, but when it's over, I let it go and look forward to the next game or the next season. I always want to be positive about the team, but will not over react to the outcome. Listening to and reading some fans comments makes me realize that I don't want to appear that dumb.
    Go Bills!
    Go Bills!

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